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be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY is a free software for operators of individual charging stations. Easy to configure and start. With the help of this software you will automatically become a part of the network with over 5,000 charging points.

E-drivers can charge on your station and pay via multi payment methods we offer. be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY allows you to fully control your charging station anytime and anywhere.

5 reasons to use COMMUNITY?

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We take over the marketing for your station and we make it visible on many common forums and web portals.



Earn money from each charge done on your station from e-drivers and get credited at the end of the month



We automate the billing process and you get the money.



You only pay for the hardware and the starter package, there is no running costs!



Roaming-free charging with multiple payment solutions

Software and Features

The cloud-based free software be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY is the ideal
solution for individual charging stations operators.


with be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY, your charging station is automatically displayed in many popular forums and web portals via our integrated interfaces. Thanks to the real-time status display, users can see whether a load point is free.

Configure and get started, be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY works with all compatible charging stations that are online (OCCP 1.5 +).

The connection is ensured via our be.ENERGISED SIM card, which is interfaced in a secure network.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY Allows you to have full control over your charging station, you have an overview of all charges, including consumption, duration, … These can be exported for evaluations.

In addition, any error messages from your station are sent to you via e-mail.

be.ENERGISED verbindet interoperable Roamingservices Elektromobilität

be. ENERGISED COMMUNITY offers electric mobility operators non-discriminatory charging with variable payment options.

Payments can be made simply through the mobile website app

Customers are also able to see the online/offline status of the station therefore they know in advance whether the station is free.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY automates the billing process, you receive at the end of each month the amounts minus a transaction fee, quite simply! You determine an hourly tariff which is freely selectable from a list, this is displayed on the usual online portals and charged to the driving customer.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY is risk free, any risk of payment is taken over by be.ENERGISED, you only pay the hardware.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY Offers you free QR stickers and an RFID card (additional RFID cards can be ordered for a small fee).

The RFID card allows the charging station owner to charge at his station free of charge.

The QR sticker allows all electric car drivers (roaming charging customers) to charge directly via smartphone and pay via smartphone by scanning the QR code at the charging column.

be.ENERGISED will be operated by on security servers in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany. The data centers are geographically independent, redundant and certified according to ISO 27001, ISAE3402, ISO 9001 and PCI-DSS.

They meet the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act in Germany.

The right charging station

These partners supply your e-charging stations with preinstalled be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY.

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