Make money with your charging station.

Without any investment – billing software for your charging station for electric vehicles

DO YOU already have a charging station and want to know how to make use of the free management and billing solution be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY?

DO YOU want to find out which charging station or wallbox you should buy and then use the management and billing solution be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY?

How does the COMMUNITY work?

We would be happy to explain how to get a free billing solution for your charging station or wallbox and how you can make it available to other electric car drivers….and earn money with it.

It’s quite easy to make your e-filling station or E-wall box be located by anyone and to make money with it. With be.ENERGISED, you will automatically be part of an entire charging network via roaming and the station will be displayed in the smartphone app of all users, which also allows direct payment.

As an operator, you also benefit from the simple, web-based management platform with professional analytics tools and automatic monitoring of the functionality. Earn money with renewable energy and e-mobility.

A charging station is already available.

You already have a charging station and now want to join the be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. Please send us your contact an station details.

No charging station, yet?

You still haven’t decided on a charging station? We would gladly recommend one of our partners, so you can find the right e-filling station for your purposes.

Preconfigured charging stations

Some of our partners deliver their charging stations already preconfigured with be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. The advantage for you: You do not need to do the configuration yourself nor hire an electrician.

If you want a different charging station.

You can also select and purchase a charging station from the list of supported charging stations. Once you have done this, you can follow the step by step instructions from the section “I already have a charging station.”

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Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

"The charging of electric cars costs money and to help you recoup electricity costs we offer you an optimized free solution with be.ENERGISEDCOMMUNITY."

Make your charging station profitable!