The software solution for your profitable e-charging station

We all can accelerate the success of electric cars by facilitating access to charging stations – no matter who the operator is, across systems and networks. To address this complex problem there is a simple and inexpensive solution: be.ENERGISED.

be.ENERGISED is a vendor-neutral, cloud-based software solution that controls, monitors, bills and connects charging stations. The first complete solution with roaming services for all charging station users and operators – whether you operate individual charging stations or an entire network.

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    Cost-free software for charging stations
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    be.ENERGISED handles all the marketing
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    Guaranteed monthly payout, with no costs
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    Automatic monitoring function
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    Several payment solutions for station users
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    Make money with every charging operation!
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    Determine your own price

for a small business and personal use

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    A cost-effective software solution
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    Customizable due to White Label
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    Several payment methods available
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    Built-in roaming interfaces
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    Infrastructure, user, service, and tariff management
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    Cost-free software for charging stations
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    Real-time monitoring of your charging infrastructure

For unlimited number of stations, large companies, product resellable options, station roaming and more…

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For the most diverse specifications.

From energy suppliers to car manufacturers, from municipalities to car park operators, from mountain railway companies to fleet managers – every charging station operator has its own requirements and highly specific targets.

What they all have in common is the enthusiasm for e-mobility and a software solution that covers all imaginable and unimaginable possibilities with two different packages: COMMUNITY and ENTERPRISE. And grows.


be.ENERGISED easily integrates into your system. You can therefore provide your customers with an accurate monthly bill, while even drivers without a contractual relationship can charge their vehicles and pay. Off the shelf apps can be customized without any development costs


It’s the perfect solution to refinance charging station investments. be.ENERGISED provides efficient management and accounting procedures while handling your marketing across the entire network. Even individual charging cards or community-apps can be easily made.


Whether in large shopping malls or small supermarkets: a quick charge will become increasingly important in shopping facilities, and an appropriate professional solution will create costumer loyalty, lure new visitors, and increase their dwelling time.


From inner city train stations to airports, car parking time is an excellent opportunity to charge electric vehicles. be.ENERGISED handles all monitoring and remote maintenance procedures, as well as the entire billing process.


More and more vehicle fleets benefit from the advantages of e-mobility. As a result, having your own charging stations on the company’s premises as well as charging cards for drivers en route becomes a necessity – and be.ENERGISED offers perfect solutions that integrate into existing systems.


Brand-specific services are becoming increasingly important. Having your own charging card or charging app – specifically designed for your car brand – is an essential part of e-mobility. With be.ENERGISED you can easily implement car-matching services.

Joachim Köpf

»be.ENERGISED is one of the most powerful backend management systems on the market, and in addition to standard OCCP features it also supports advanced diagnostic options and firmware updates. Many of our partners who rely on be.ENERGISED solutions appreciate this. The professional approach of the team simplifies the marketing of our products in the highly dynamic electric mobility market.«

Matthias Moldaschl

»Thanks to be.ENERGISED we were able to build an ELLA charging network in Austria which can set up and manage several charging stations in supermarkets, parking lots and other strategic locations. The easy management of several charging stations through the web interface has served us well, allowing us to help our customers quickly and easily.«

Anton Achatz

»We are the largest EV charging station supplier in Bavaria, with more than 800 charging solved all our accounting and management problems with such charging stations. With the help of the fully automated billing system, we didn’t have to hire an administrative employee. With adjustable permissions for our various users, this cloud-based solution allows for a quick reaction to changes in our ever expanding charging network.«

Worldwide network of charging stations.

Up to now there were only regional or national charging networks, so the coverage was limited by its own growth. With eRoaming connectivity and brand customization, be.ENERGISED automatically makes each network as huge as all participating networks together. They are all coming closer together, and getting bigger and bigger together. That’s good for your customers and for your business.

Achieving more together.

Whether it’s large networks or individual charging station operators, the number of market players who rely on be.ENERGISED‘s flexible system is growing steadily. Our expanding network already comprises more than 4,500 charging stations, and the number increases every week. No wonder: this ingenious software’s modular design benefits both small suppliers and i ndustry giants.


Klaus-M. Schremser,
Sales Director

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