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Make more out of your network

Enjoy the multiple advantages of the be.ENERGISED ENTERPRISE software. Your customers benefit from our user-friendly charging features and may use the smartphone app to charge their EVs at all be.ENERGISED partnering stations.  On the other hand, your charging station network will attract new paying customers. Fully automated accounting and roaming. Your business benefits from state-of-the-art modules, such as infrastructure management and service management with ticketing. Bring your charging station network to the next level with be.ENERGISED ENTERPRISE.

All-round solution for professionals.

Companies with an e-fleet have different requirements than parking operators or municipalities. be.ENERGISED recognizes their specific needs and offers flexible modules accordingly. From off-the-shelf apps with your own branding to professional customer management tools and prepaid systems – the ENTERPRISE version covers all your needs and is freely scalable. Choose from off-the-shelf modules and simply create your own configuration according to your requirements – both at the front-end for your charging costumers and at the back-end for your administration needs.


User modules


App for Android & iOS



White Label

Integrated Roaming

Contract free payment

Admin modules








be flexible!

The perfect charging experience.

Impress your customers with modern, professional user interfaces tailored to your needs. Furthermore, customizable modules allow current and prospective customers to pay directly at your charging stations or partnering networks. From the “Station Finder” to roaming and billing procedures, everything is customizable in accordance with the needs of your brand or corporate design. Your customers will be treated to a flawless and simple overall experience, becoming satisfied customers.

All EV drivers can charge their vehicles at your charging station and pay on the go with our payment solution. When charging their vehicles, drivers are free to use their preferred means of authentication, such as an smartphone app, RFID charging card or login.

Your charging stations will be automatically registered with large industry-specific marketing networks (such as charging station smartphone apps), bringing you new and more costumers – you don’t need to do anything.

It is important that EV drivers have easy access to your charging stations and are able to charge their vehicles without hassle. Even when they want to charge their vehicles with a charging card from a different charging network.

Save time and money by managing your charging stations remotely. You can start and stop all charging operations and even re-start a charging station completely when necessary. Our software lets you know when any problems arise and creates a detailed error report.

Save on resources and staff by not having to issue bills yourself. Automate your billing processes, send bills, accept payments and interact with other roaming networks automatically.

You never know which hardware manufacturer you will choose tomorrow. With our software you can use all major manufacturers together in one single network. Check out the list of supported charging stations:

Your brand serves as an image for customers, and when EV drivers use their smartphone app or the web portal to charge their vehicles, they will see your brand at every step.

It is important to have real-time status information for your charging stations on charging station maps. Customers can check charging station availability, possibly defective stations, energy consumption during the charging process, and also stats on their charging habits. This is all made possible by our cloud-based software.

be.ENERGISED APP für Elektroladenetz-Betreiber

App for iOS and Android

Your personal app is tested and ready to go. We can adapt the branding to your corporate design upon request.

  • Charging station finder with real-time status display
  • Start charging and pay
  • Usage statistics, cost overview, and more
be.ENERGISED APP iOS und Android

Einfache vertragsfreie Bezahlung mit QR-Code


Contract free payment

You no longer need to sign a contract with every charging customer, yet you can still settle payments with everyone. Just activate the feature and we’ll do the rest. Drivers simply use a QR code sticker at the charging station, and the charging operation begins immediately through the app.

be.ENERGISED individuelles Kundenportal

Individualized customer portal

A ready web portal for automated customer management – works with the app or RFID cards. When using a smartphone, the portal allows charging and payment operations to start immediately. Upon request, needless to say, white label.

  • User registration
  • User accounts and settings
  • Charging Station Finder with real-time status updates
be.ENERGISED Kundenportal für Elektromobilitäs-Netzwerke

be.ENERGISED integrierte Roamingdienste

be.ENERGISED verbindet interoperable Roamingservices Elektromobilität

Integrated roaming

Our goal is maximum interoperability. We offer standard interfaces for the following third party systems:

  • Intercharge (OICP)
  • (OCHP)
  • PlugSurfing
  • BOSCH Charge & Pay
  • be.ENERGISED Roaming (between CPOs and EMPs which use be.ENERGISED)

be.ENERGISED Backendcloudsoftware White-Labelwhitelabel_section

Your own corporate design with white label

Upon request, the off-the-shelf Driver APP and the Driver Web Portal can be fully customized in accordance with your corporate design. You will save on development and testing costs and benefit from a professional appearance.

be.ENERGISED Cloud Backend im White-Label Design

be.ENERGISED Stationfinder

Station Finder integration

The Station Finder with real-time status display is a core element of the web portal and can be easily integrated into your website. It displays not only your own charging points but the entire be.ENERGISED roaming network. This way, your offer grows automatically.

be.ENERGISED Paymentwhitelabel_section

Payment methods

Choose the payment modules and systems you want to provide your customers with.

  • PayPal, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Prepaid Account Management
  • Direct Payment Account Management
  • Payment Service Gateway
be.ENERGISED mit integrierten Bezahlservices
be effective.

Administration modules with added value.

Collecting data is no longer difficult, the secret lies in efficient evaluation. Only this allows you to draw the right conclusions and act upon them. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your charging station network, how do your users behave and where do you need to make adjustments? Great success often lies in may small details.


Analysis dashboard

Comprehensive reporting is easily accessible on the web interface.

  • Overview of all charging stations
  • Overview of registered customers
  • Charging operation protocols
  • Total energy output

Infrastructure Management

Monitor and manage the entire system: from individual charging stations to log data and identification media. Whether it’s firmware management, software updates, contract renewals or bans – all possible scenarios are covered by the system’s back-end.


User Management

Organise your customers into all sorts of categories for improved clarity. This way you can group entire companies or departments together and manage them accordingly. And you can also manage single customers, of course.

Service Management

A modern ticket system enables fast and efficient problem solving procedures. Known component issues have attached procedural instructions for technicians, and recurring intervals are scheduled in a timely manner. All necessary and mandatory documentation is simplified by convenient administration procedures.


Tariff management

Whether you adopt a pay per time, kilowatt-hour or flat rate system, accurate billing options will become increasingly important in the future. The system supports complex tariff management with and without roaming. Invoices are automatically created as PDF documents and sent to end customers.


Your customer data is invaluable. That is why an orderly and timely management of customer data is so important and useful – both for individual customers and entire companies.

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