Earn MONEY with your charging station for free.

With be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY you as an operator of charging stations are being offered a free online solution, which allows you to manage, monitor and charge charging stations for electric vehicles. Electric car drivers can directly charge at your charging station and pay without any hassle with common payment methods (like credit card). The charger are promoted in the charging network of be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY to bring you as the operator additional customers and therefore increase your revenue.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY – Turn your charging station into a money machine


Just configure it and get started.


The community software is free and easy to install, a simple activation process is enough – you’re ready to go.


Automatic marketing.


Your charging station will be displayed in all of the network’s apps and web portals. Thanks to real-time status display, customers can see if a charging point is available.


Direct payment.


All electric car drivers (including roaming charging customers) can charge and pay via smartphone by scanning the QR code on the charging column.


Automatic management.


You determine the price of charging processes at your station – everything else is automatic and managed by us.


You earn money!


We handle the entire billing process – your earnings will be transferred to you on a monthly basis.

Sign up today and join the be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. Registration is free, so you risk nothing.

The search for a charging station.

If you do not own a charging station yet, we would love to offer you one preconfigured with our free payment solution be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY via our partners “The Mobility House” and ICU.

Online-Shop of “The Mobility House”

Supported charging stations.

Our software be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY is cloud-based and works with almost any charging station. In most cases a simple activation is enough und you can use the modules of your choice, for example the individual tariff management.  Find out, which charging station models are supported.

Free solution of these problems

We offer you with be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY a solution for both problems: If you operate charging stations or wallboxes, then you can offer all e-car drivers access to them and the payment is done without any hassle for you. At the same time your e-charging stations are promoted by us and listed in various charging station directories online. Therefore you don’t have to spend either money in marketing nor into the management of the charging station and you get paid for it.

be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY is the ideal product for hotels, SMEs, parking lot- and garage operators and for companies with similar requirements. From established companies to private users, be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY enables owners of charging stations to profit financially.

Almost all up-to-date charging station models in Europe are supported and prices & tariffs can be defined by the owner. So you decide the optimal price for each charging process.

Your charging station will be promoted by us for you in various smartphone apps for e-drivers and so you receive new clients for free. Also members of other charging networks can charge via the roaming function at your charging station. We invoice the consumed charging time the company of the charging member and you receive the revenue at the end of the month on your bank account. So you spare tasks like writing invoices, checking credibility or collecting money.

How does it work?

After the successful registration of the be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY product on our website, you will receive a welcome package with an introduction how you can active the product. The welcome package contains a free SIM card for the internet connection, a sticker with a QR code per charging point and a RFID-card for yourself (so you don’t have to charge on your own charging station). As soon as you have configured your charging station for be.ENERGISEDCOMMUNITY, you can start using it.

After the configuration your charging station will be shown on

The generated revenues, minus a transaction fee, will be transferred to your bank account every month. Finally you are part of a community for a sustainable future.

Benefits for charging station operators

  • Free usage of be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY
  • Software for the management of your own charging infrastructure without any investment
  • Real-time status of the availability and status of your charging station
  • Charging for all e-mobility customers
  • Financial profit without any administration
  • Profits of your charging station will be send to your bank account
  • Promotion of your charging station and win new clients without any effort
  • Additional revenue through members of other providers via roaming networks
  • Compatible with up-to-date charging station models
  • Userfriendly software, no special know how necessary

Benefits for e-car drivers

  • Simple charging for e-car drivers, no charging cards necessary
  • Discrimination free access to the charging station
  • Easy finding of the charging station through promotion in various smartphone apps
  • Straightforward usage “Plug – Charge – Pay – Go��?


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

"The charging of electric cars costs money and to help you recoup electricity costs we offer you an optimized free solution with be.ENERGISEDCOMMUNITY."

Make your charging station profitable!