Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers play a significant part of the future of e-mobility. However, they too, face great challenges. E-vehicles are not only closely related to digitization and mobile phone services, but customers also expect better services such as charge cards from car manufacturers. In addition, charging stations should be available at car dealerships.

be.ENERGISED not only allows for direct billing and payment at dealership e-charging stations, but it also allows for the provision of charge cards for all e-car customers.


  • No software development costs as be.ENERGISED is all-inclusive
  • No server infrastructure costs as be.ENERGISED is cloud-based
  • Automatic accounting and invoicing processes
  • Complete billing and payment processes perfomed by be.ENERGISED
  • Roaming – Settlement of charging operations from other charging networks
  • Additional marketing opportunities via a branded web portal and smartphone app to control charging operations
  • Charge cards to access charging stations throughout Europe


The automotive industry is certainly one of the sectors most affected by e-mobility. It is also therefore the area where the most needs exist and that is why be.ENERGISED implemented the “Think Blue Card”, an e-mobility charge card for Volkswagen. The automotive industry will be one of the main driving forces of e-mobility.


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

„I am at your disposal to personally discuss the requirements
of e-mobility in your industry.“

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