E-Mobility solution with charging stations for companies

What is good for sustainability, is even better for the balance sheet.

Interested? Make your company fit for E-mobility.

5 reasons for be.ENERGISED

You can rely on our services and focus on your customer service.

  • Access management

    You decide who is allowed to charge at your station

  • User-friendliness

    An intuitive user interface makes the approach fast and easy

  • Cost efficiency

    Your administrative expenses are reduced through automated processes

  • Green stamp

    Comply with sustainability goals and position yourself as an innovative and sustainable business

  • Collecting experience

    Collecting information is the basis for adapting your infrastructure to future requirements

    Functions with added value

    • Everyone can charge Anyone can charge at your station by using an existing debit card or by direct payment (credit card / PayPal)
    • Automated Troubleshooting Service Rely on our automated troubleshooting service and our service partners
    • Own loading cards Allow your e-vehicles to charge at your charging stations and either free for your employees or available at a fee
    • Informed at any time You have full control and know at all times about the use and utilization of your stations

    MANAGED COMMUNITYWe make your E-charging station accessible to everyone

    We take care of roaming, billing and money collection. At the end of the month you receive your money, simple as that.

    Additional services

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      Export features (SAP, payroll, etc.)
    • null
      Driver hotline 24/7 (assistance with charging)
    • null
      Service and maintenance for e-charging stations
    • null
      Employee App – easy access management
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      RFID charging cards with customized design

    Charge-Point Operator

    The charging station operator, also known as the CPO, is responsible for technical maintenance, power supply and access to the charging infrastructure

    E-Mobility Provider

    The E-mobility provider, also known as the EMP, offers it's customers access to different charging networks. Access is free or with payment of a fee.

    be.ENERGISED Certified partners

    in addition there are more than 256 compatible charging stations

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