Fleet operators

More and more carpools, vehicle fleets and taxi fleets are benefiting from the advantage of cheaper energy costs by switching to e-vehicles. In order to optimally equip vehicle fleets, e-charging stations are needed on-site along with charge cards in order for drivers to be able to easily charge up on the road.

be.ENERGISED makes it possible for vehicle fleets to settle payments through cost centers which avoid the need for drivers to drive around with cash in hand. Likewise, payments for company cars can be settled both in the company car park and en route. Another option is the billing of charging operations for company cars performed at employees’ homes. be.ENERGISED is the one solution for all these cases.

Additionally, you can give your drivers a be.ENERGISED charge card or smartphone app which can be used at most charging stations en route so you simply get the bill.


  • No software development costs as be.ENERGISED is already all-inclusive
  • No server infrastructure costs as be.ENERGISED is cloud-based
  • A charge card or smartphone app for your driver with cost center allocation
  • Billing of fleet vehicles and company cars at the company as well as from home
  • Complete billing and payment processes via be.ENERGISED
  • Roaming – Settlement of charging operations from other charging networks
  • E-vehicle fleet management solutions with our partner, “The Mobility House”

»be.ENERGISED helps us completely solve accounting and management obstacles related to charging stations. The cloud-based solution with adjustable permissions for our different users allows for rapid reactions to changes in our increasingly growing charging network.«

Anton Achatz, COO // E-Wald GmbH // Deutschland


As Germany’s largest nationwide charging network, E-Forest GmbH also has an e-fleet ready for its customers 24/7. Its fleet consists of 16 different electric car models, including BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla. They use be.ENERGISED ENTERPRISE for the management and settlement of the associated charging infrastructure which offers a charging network of several hundred charging points.

In addition, our customer “The Mobility House” offers a software solution for e-fleet management through be.ENERGISED ENTERPRISE, also operating the product group @home and @work on the be.ENERGISED platform.

The be.ENERGISED platform’s contract card management system forms the basis of EMP -Contract Cards for Volkswagen Think Blue. Card policy. The automated processing, ordering and production of RFID access media is carried out through the platform’s fully automated processing.


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

„I am at your disposal to personally discuss the requirements
of e-mobility in your industry.“

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