Towns and municipalities

E-mobility can provide new opportunities for municipalities and cities. In the future, with the reality that more and more people will not wish to own a car and the concept of car sharing becoming increasingly sought after, e-mobility will become an important service. Charging stations must be available in public locations to ensure e-drivers have charging capabilities.

Municipalities and cities should not however have to bear the cost of the energy (electricity) used. This is where be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY comes in.

The free management and billing of charging stations with simultaneous marketing available through be.ENERGISED offers public organizations the optimal solution to refinance initial investments in charging stations.


  • No software development costs as be.ENERGISED is all-inclusive.
  • No server infrastructure costs as be.ENERGISED is cloud-based
  • No software operating costs
  • Complete automated billing and payment processes via be.ENERGISED
  • No contracts with credit card institutions or other charging networks necessary
  • Roaming – Settlement of charging operations from other charging networks
  • Free marketing of charging stations through charging station Apps
  • Shared risk through simple financial participation

»be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY was designed simply and performs all our management tasks for charging processes, from settlement to debt collection. Even so, we can trace all charging processes and remotely control the charging points using the web interface. It’s very easy and suitable to our needs.«

Stefan Gotthart, Umwelt, Energie und Wasserwirtschaft // Gemeinde Tulln an der Donau  // Österreich


For communities like Tulln, promoting an e-CarSharing project and the construction of a local charging infrastructure is a clear move in favor of sustainable mobility and better citizen services. In order to efficiently maintain its charging network and correctly settle payments for charging processes, the municipality relies on be.ENERGISED. Still more cities in Germany are currently being equipped with be.ENERGISED. Existing smartphone apps are being extended to include charging functions via the be.ENERGISED interface.


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

„I am at your disposal to personally discuss the requirements
of e-mobility in your industry.“

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