Utility providers

The future of energy-supply (utilities) companies in the increasingly decentralized generation of power lies in finding new solutions and business models for the sale of electricity. E-mobility will replace existing filling stations which consume millions of litres of crude oil per day.

Software solutions, such as be.ENERGISED ENTERPRISE, are needed to meet new concepts and business models. Through this, software charging networks for electric car charging stations can be managed, with settlement as part of their monthly bills possible for the existing customers of energy-supply companies. Charging stations can also be used by drivers not holding a contract with the company. In addition to these possibilities, e-mobility business models can also be implemented with charge cards or smartphone apps based on the be.ENERGISED platform offered for multi-network charging.


  • Through Managed Community Capabilities, we undertake all accounts at our expense
  • No software development costs as be.ENERGISED includes everything utilities providers require.
  • No server infrastructure costs because be.ENERGISED is cloud-based
  • Vendor independence when selecting charging station hardware and combinations of models possible
  • Monitoring and service management capabilities
  • Automated generation and dispatch of invoices
  • Complete traceability of billing and payment processes through be.ENERGISED
  • Roaming – Settlement of charging operations from other charging networks
  • Performance-Based settlement (by KWh) possible
  • Integration with existing financial systems (SAP)
  • Additional marketing opportunities via a branded web portal and smartphone app to control charging operations

»be.ENERGISED offers utilities providers modular software which enables the implementation of our e-mobility business models without infrastructure or software development costs. Many utilities providers in the DACH region have embraced our software, including Energie Steiermark, TIWAG, Alpiq in Switzerland and EWE in Germany.«

Alexander Kirchgasser, CEO // has.to.be gmbh // Österreich


be.ENERGISED is modular software used by many utilities providers, as it allows customers such as Energie Steiermark the technical basis necessary for the commercial operation of nationwide public charging infrastructure. The charging network is accessible to every electric vehicle driver thanks to direct payment and roaming connectivity. Thanks to its ability to deal with many clients simultaneously, Alpiq, one of the largest energy suppliers in Switzerland can manage many companies with e-mobility projects through its product “easy-4-you”. TIWAG, Tyrol’s largest utility provider, also uses be.ENERGISED to provide the infrastructure necessary for electric cars in this province of Austria.


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

„I am at your disposal to personally discuss the requirements
of e-mobility in your industry.“

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