In the future, electric car drivers will charge their vehicles as a secondary activity forming part of their shopping and other daily undertakings. For this purpose, parking lots and garages are becoming increasingly important. In particular, places such as shopping malls, airports or train stations where customers park their cars for lengthy periods of time make ideal sites at which to charge electric vehicles. For these cases, be.ENERGISED can offer both individual billing capabilities through existing customer cards and classical payment options via credit cards etc. The charging stations will be remotely serviced and monitored via be.ENERGISED, with all settlement able to made through be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. This will allow you, as the operator, to save on effort and human resources.


  • No software development costs as be.ENERGISED is all-inclusive
  • No server infrastructure costs as be.ENERGISED is cloud-based
  • Additional marketing opportunities via a branded web portal and smartphone app to control charging operations
  • No running expenses for the software if you opt for be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY
  • Completely automated billing and payment processes via be.ENERGISED
  • No contracts with credit card institutions or other charging networks necessary
  • Roaming – Settlement of charging operations from other charging networks
  • Free marketing of charging stations through charging station apps
  • Shared risk through simple financial participation

»With ELLA we were able to set up a charging network in Austria through be.ENERGISED, which manages and settles accounts for numerous charging stations at supermarkets, in parking lots and other strategic locations.«

Andreas Dangl, Vorstand // ELLA AG // Österreich


For companies, charging stations will become a new service offered employees and customers. In the area of retail businesses with large parking lots, be.ENERGISED‘s simple operation and monitoring of charging infrastructure is an essential capacity. Similarly, filling station operators such as Gutmann have adjusted to mobility changes by providing charging stations in their existing filling stations with direct payment options.


Jakob Sterlich,
Business Development

„I am at your disposal to personally discuss the requirements
of e-mobility in your industry.“

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